Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our New Mexico Adventure!

We thought it would be a great excuse for a vacation and little get away to go to New Mexico for the boys to watch their older cousin get baptized. And it was so worth it, we are so glad we went! Grandma and Grandpa came with us and we had a blast!

Lets start with the car trip. There was pretty much no crying, the whole way. I do have to admit I was very worried about the drive there. 9-10 hours of three littles in the car was just asking for trouble, but somehow, they proved me wrong and they were very good! I guess lots and lots of snacks, movies and toys will do the trick for them! We drove all day and got there very late Friday night, and needless to say, we all crashed!

The next day was a very special day for Asher. I cannot believe how fast he has grown. It seems like just yesterday I was a first time Aunt holding that sweet little boy in my arms. Everything seemed to go so smoothly for him on his special day. We are so glad that we were able to be a part of it, and I was so glad the boys could see Asher get baptized and be such a great an example for them!

Of course, no trip to Albuquerque is complete without some Dions! It was de-lic-ious!! so yummy and totally hit the spot!

The cousins had a blast together, no fighting. None at all! And sweet little Asher pretty much baby sat Taizley the whole time for us. Thanks Ash! All this meant that Jake and I got time to spend with my oldest sister and her hubby who only get to see once or twice a year! So glad we had that time to chat with them, it really was fun! Its times like these that makes me wish so badly that we lived closer to them! 

Sunday came with church in their ward, then we packed the car and took a last minute trip to Santa Fe. Jake had never been to New Mexico, and I was 10 when we moved from there so we thought it would be fun to go walk around and see a few things downtown. We saw some of the oldest churches in America, the state capitol and a few other things that show their culture. Its amazing how some cities can be so different! It was a last minute idea, and on the way home, we stopped to see the Albuquerque Temple. It was so beautiful!

Unfortunately, the time came and we had to head back to reality. We packed up and left bright and early Monday morning. For some reason, the drive home wasn't nearly as quick as the drive there. It took us a few hours longer, but luckily the kids were great until the last hour or so, which was fine by me because they were great the rest of the time! We did make a stop to climb the arch on the way home so we could all get in a little stretch. That was fun! The boys loved climbing and, of course, getting dirty in the red sand!

All in all I would say that I am very glad we decided to go down for Asher's special day! Every minute spent on the trip was well worth it! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking the adventure with us and helping us with the kiddies!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

Well, it has been almost a year since my last blog when Taizley was just born..... I have been busy doing school, work and enjoying my three little kiddos. I will admit, life has been very busy, stressful and relaxing all in the same day! I love my children more than anything in the world and thought I would share with you how cute they are getting! Aren't they just both beautiful and handsome!! Happy Easter!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Taizley Sue

At my 37 week appointment we were told that the baby was transverse breech. This means she was turned sideways and she wasn't in the birth canal. We had two weeks to try to flip her by laying upside down (advice from the Dr.), and when those two weeks passed, we went to the hospital for our scheduled 'flipping' and induction.

On Thursday, June 7, we scheduled with the hospital to go in, I would get all set up with an epidural and once I was ready, my Dr. was going to try to flip the baby. We were told we would get a call Thursday morning to tell us when to come in. We got a call just before 9 am and they told us that they were ready for us. I thought I had everything ready to go, but when we got the call, it seems that we were scurrying through the house to get things cleaned up real quick or to grab a few last minute things...

We dropped the boys off with Jen and arrived at the hospital just before 10. They were so nice and had everything pretty much waiting for me to go...by 11 the epidural was in and we were just waiting for the Dr. to come. He showed up 30 minutes later and did one last ultrasound to be sure she hadn't turned on her own. He gooped up my belly and started to maneuver her. Fortunately, all I felt was a weird tugging feeling and after a total of about 15 seconds, he had her flipped. So far, the luck has been on our side!

After about an hour, I was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced. The Dr. came in to check on me and decided he would break my water to help things move a little faster. Luckily, I had the epidural in already, this made life much easier because I wasn't feeling the contractions. It was now just before 1 pm and now it was time to play the waiting game.

At 3 pm, I was feeling very nauseated and threw up. They said it was probably from all of the fluids they were putting in my IV as well as not eating yet today... The Dr. came right after that and he checked my cervix. He said I was now a good 5 and completely effaced but that he was feeling something tickling his hand. This was so cute to hear, but bad news! The babies hand was in front of her head and in the way so that her head could not move farther down into the birth canal.

Around 4:30 the Dr. came to check me again, I was now dilated to a 6 and unfortunately, her hand was still in the birth canal. After deciding it wouldn't be a problem to deliver her with her hand there, he felt something else...her foot. Somehow, she slipped her foot down into the birth canal sometime between when he broke my water and now because it wasn't there before. He tried to push her foot back up, it wasn't comfortable at all, but there was no way that she could be delivered with her hand...and foot in front of her head. He gave me two options...to turn onto my side and let gravity help pull her out just enough to move her foot, or have a c-section. We decided to let gravity do its work.

After an hour of trying the whole laying on my side thing, the on call Dr. came in to see how things were going and he said that her foot was into the birth canal past her ankle and with her arm there as well, it probably wouldn't be moving anywhere. We wanted to talk to our Dr. to make sure that he thought the same thing because we wanted to know that there were not more options before choosing a c-section, so half an hour later our Dr. came in and said that there was a very small chance the foot would move. We decided to not wait any longer and just give in to the c-section.

They were very quick at preparing, and 15 minutes later, at 6:45 pm they wheeled me into the operating room with Jake following not too far behind. 14 minutes later, my beautiful daughter was born!

6:59 pm Taizley Sue was born. She weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long. She is perfect in every way! Very healthy, beautiful olive colored skin, dark hair and blue eyes! When I heard her first cry I was pretty confused because she was still inside me! The doctors said she was very ready to come out, because she wasn't completely pulled out when she let out that first cry. Her left arm and foot was all purple and bruised from being squeezed during contractions. We all love her so much and don't know what we did without our little princess around!!

(All these pictures were from our 3 day stay at the hospital...more pictures will come from since we've been home!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We call them Pete and Repeat! Ever since Tucker could walk he has been Troy's shadow. Now it switches up and sometime Troy is Tuckers shadow...
It amazes me how much these two love each other, despite the fights, biting and stealing of toys. They always seem to get over whatever happens real quick and always are right back together playing. I think it is so cute some of the things they do together. The others frustrate me so much! They are two trouble makers that play off each other all the time. They'll help each other then sneak away. Here are a few of the things I have been able to capture.

Troy always helps him put his shoes on when they want to go outside. Troy will put Tuck's shoes on and they'll come tell me they are ready to go play. How can you say no to that??

Sharing a smoothie Grandma made for them...couldn't finish it before bath time so they brought it with them!

I was going in to take Troy potty during the night, and here is what I found...the picture describes it all. ADORABLE!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!!

The boys just love it when Jake gets home from work. They sit on the couch and look out the window every day and wait for Daddy to get home from work. We always know when it is his truck coming down the street because we can hear it from a mile away...they always get so excited when they hear it! This is sort of how it all plays out...almost every night. I really need to clean the windows!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

the Calm Before the Storm

...need I say more? We had a beautiful day yesterday..about 55 degrees outside! We loaded the kids in the stroller, got Cooper on his leash and headed out to the park. It was so fun to go do something outdoors and not have to be way bundled or freeze!

I could totally tell the boys had so much fun at the park. Tuck was so fascinated with the steps that went up and down the playground.

Troy on the other hand was too busy cheesing it for the camera and showing off his big muscles!....

I was pretty heartbroken this morning when I woke up to wet rain that quickly turned into slushy snow. I guess I was sick of waiting for the snow so I started to get excited for Spring...so now the snow decides to come..of course!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter is Here!!

After since about November for snow to finally come...it finally came! It may have come a few months too late, but it was well worth the wait! Troy officially decided he loves to play in the snow. The first thing he asked when he saw the snow falling was...Mommy, can we go outside and play in the snow with my "bums"!! (translation...bums=gloves) Troy wasn't scared of anything when he got out there, he had so much fun throwing the snow and me, Tucker and the house... he didn't seem to mind the cold and he screamed when it was time to come inside.

Tucker on the other hand took a good twenty minutes or so to warm up. He stood on the wet porch just watching Troy play, making sure it was safe and all was well...after he decided to give it a try, he loved it too! He wasn't too sure of how it felt when he tripped, but he got right back up and was happy.

Needless to say, we need snow clothes for the boys. After playing in the snow this one time, I realized that we needed to break down and get some snow boots and possibly some snow pants for them so they can play in the snow and not get too cold. We bought Troy some boots finally and if it snows again, I can justify buying him some snow pants too, but I'm waiting for snow again....it could be a while.